Truro – Long Haul Series – Seasons 3 & 4

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My full apologies for not updating in seasons 3/4/5 .. its been a long hard struggle with many lows and a few highs , and as many of you know yourself its hard to put away the game unless you have to go to work or sleep , nevermind try and write about it.

So after gaining promotion from the conference the mighty Truro are now in League 2 , as reported in the previous post ,i was having a torrid time in the first half of the season , and was also playing my home games at Plymouth due to the ground having new seats put in , all 750 of them šŸ˜¦


Once we moved back to Treyew Road the season picked up a tad late , having won all our home games ,as you can see by our home form Ā belowĀ i never wanna play in Home Road again unless its against Plymouth .


it was our first season in League 2 and loking at the table we didnt do too bad for a team with no money , an average crowd of 557, our cup runs were awful so any extra income was out the window



Season 4 expectations were avoid relegation , once again the stadium was expanded by another 1250 seats , bringing us upo to a capacity of 2000 , our home games were played at Silver Bow a state of the art 6000 capacity stadium which i believe Truro are moving to next year ( in real life ) , once again it was a tough season but we held firm and moved up a a placeĀ from 17/18 season.



The highlight of the save so far , making it all the way to Round 3 was beyond even my expectations and we drawn at home toĀ Ā Leeds , i was begging for an away leg to get some much needed income , but a home draw was good enough and with a record breaking attendance we unbelievably beat Leeds 2-0


Once again praying for an away leg against one of the big teams was out of the question , instead we got drawn at home to some team called Arsenal , after beating Leeds i did have a slight bit of optimism about but deep down i knew it could be a cricket score , after 20 minutes i thought that was what it was gonna be , but we held on for a highly respectable 6-0 defeat hahaha.


A memorable season in FA cup and a decent League position , my feelings for season 5 were that we are capable of reaching play off with the right signings , ill update you all on that later , seriously tempted to quit or add a sugar daddy at timesĀ as finances have got worse again in season 5 and im fearing admin as we were taken over by a supporters trust who have done fuck all but clear a bit of debt, the battle must continue


Cheers for havin a read , i have full intentions of going deeper with posts , just need to learn to put the game away and write more , hope you enjoyed this brief run thru season 3 & 4 , ill be back very soon with Season 5 ..







Truro City Long Haul Series Season 2 #fm16

Ill make this short and sweet as im away aheadĀ of my self in the save , actually half way thru season 3 as i write this .

So after getting promoted to the Conference , i was hoping for a bit of a boost from the board .. not a fucking chance , everything i asked for was turned down due to finances apart from the expansion of the stadium . Happy days i said , what a load of bollox that turned out to be .

Anyway our average attendance was 568 in VNS , after expansion of stadium due to move up to National League , our capacity is now a absolutely brutal 250 hahaha , enough to make any manager take the first job that comes along , but no im here for the long haul no matter what and after a few free transfers and loan signings we marched through the Conference and won the fucking thing .

truro Vanarama National League_ final

Im on season 3 now and the media prediction of 23rd is looking good as im 19th after 18 games , once again no transfer funds have been made , we are now a full time club and have extra staff in which is fuckin fabulous , Our ground capacity is getting extended to 750 seats as once again club does not have funding to do a proper job , our home games are currently being played at Plymouths Home Park a 16,000 stadium , it must look wonderful when our average attendance of 480 is in ..

Ive been reading a few blogs and watching youtube channels recently , these people have inspired me and totally to blameĀ for me starting this blog , at the minute i feel like Truro playing Man City when i read my blogs and theirs , but they are inspirational and absolute class to read and watch , ill give a shout to these in my next post .

Cheers for reading again , you can follow me on twitter @hago__


Truro City Long Haul Series Season 1 #fm16

Welcome to my FM blog , i’m new to this so bare with me as i adjust to blogging my saves on Football Manger.

To kick this blog off i started a fresh save and wanted to take a team from bottom of English leagues , as i looked through conference North & South leagues , i noticed Truro , tbh i have never heard of them and i have never seen their name in FM ever , so immediately a bond was forged and a mission was set .

As the name of the save suggests , i want to be here for the long haul , so taking Truro from Conference South to the Premiership and beyond is the target . I hope you enjoy the series as much as i do playing the game .

Unfortunately i didnt take any screenshots when season started so i’ll take you thru the season as quick as i can in this post .

I had no transfer funds available and the facilities luckily enough are very basic ,so regens coming through who i will have to rely on have decent enought facilities to make them better playersTruro City_  Facilities

Transfer wise i tried to keep all players for first season , a few got takwn off me because of part time contract or they wanted to leave , they werent missed .

Transfers in , i first sought an affiliate and got Barnsley , a DOF was also hired who brought me in another couple of players during the season, Ellis Bellamy , Wade Maxwell , Niall Thompson & Ladje Soukouna played pivotal roles in the season.

Truro City_  Transfer History-9

Tactically i have been using Tinkermans Tactics over the last few years , i found great success inĀ Tinkermans Phenomenal PlaymakersĀ in another save i have on FM16

Truro City_  Overview

Right ill cut to the chase now , we hadĀ a decent pre season winning 4 out of 7 games ,losing only 2 one against the mighty West Ham and one againstĀ not so mighty Plymouth


We had a great FA Cup run where we were expected to reach 4th qualifying round , we reached first round and were unfortunately knocked out by Luton , the Ā£50,000 from that fixture was a welcome bonus as it just about got us back in the black .


We were expected to qualify for 1st Round of FA Trophy and that we did ,we were beat in 1st round by Maidenhead , something i wanted to happen asĀ i didnt want any more fixture congestion going into December ,where surprisingly there isnt as many fixtures as the leagues above us


Now for the bread & butter , the League , Media prediction 16th , and expected Mid table position from the board, we got off to an unexpected flyer winning 9 out of our first 11 games before it all went pearshaped and results were up and down like yoyos , but we slogged it out and got ourselves a 3rd place finish in the league where we would meet Oxford City in the semi final of the play off , a team who we had beat twice in the league, again we beat them in both legs , and were in the play off Final away to Margate who again we beat twice in the league , but who were on a 16 game unbeaten run and had the tightest defence in the league were made strong favourites to win , God bless Cody Cooke :D:D:D

Final League position and stats , ill update more once the player of season award is announced , Cheers for reading i hope you enjoyed my first ramblings on The Long Hau;l series šŸ™‚

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